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This section represents a comprehensive and increasing selection of alloys available in various forms and purities.

Most of the alloys depending on the constituents' nature can be supplied in powder, lump, pellet, rod, sheet and sputtering target form.

Due to infinite number of alloy combinations, we have only listed the more popular alloys. Please contact us with any special requirements.

Please Note: ® signifies a material or product name that is registered by another company and the registration is the sole ownership of that company, and although listed in this catalogue for the assistance of each user no ownership of the registered name is implied or claimed by LOGICMATERIAL

Tips on Alloy Deposition:

Evaporation of metal alloys is normally done by electron beam heating or thermal evaporation. Careful consideration is required in the choice of crucible or evaporation source to avoid reaction that can cause compositional changes. If the alloy does not melt or no reaction is seen with a crucible then the standard metal boats/crucibles could be used.

Alloys that either melt or sublime will evaporate at different rates and the final thin film composition can vary. It is found that the more volatile element will evaporate first in any alloy, to help minimize this effect continuous feeding of the alloy at a rate equal to the evaporation rate is required.

The ideal method of evaporation would be via flash evaporation; this technique helps to maintain the original composition of the alloy. Powders or sintered pieces are dropped onto a surface with temperature higher than the vaporising temperature of the least volatile element.

Another more common method is sputtering.

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