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Logic Advanced Engineering Group (LAEG)

In addition to higher quality and reliability, today’s customers demand product differentiation, faster time-to-market and lower costs. The Logic Advanced Engineering Group (LAEG) helps customers achieve this competitive differentiation through product and process innovations that enable optimization during the early stage of the design and manufacturing phases. As an industry leader in technology, LAEG provides customers with a unique, sustainable advantage through competitive design and manufacturing solutions and engineering excellence. Members of the LAEG team actively support industry consortia and have published several books and articles to share knowledge with the industry, winning prestigious industry recognition in the process.

LAEG works with other LG business groups to build advanced capabilities that enable complete design and manufacturing solutions. The team focuses on defining, developing and deploying the following support and services:

Technology Development

LAEG manages company-wide technology roadmaps and design guidelines for assembly, test, packaging, fiber optics and more. We provide qualification and test vehicles for the assembly processes of new material, components, printed circuit boards and equipment . Our goal is to ensure that we are ready to meet the near-term and future demand requirements that will bring these technologies into the mainstream.


We provide new product introduction (NPI) services to manage prototype builds – a full turnkey process that manages materials and complete customer deliverables. In addition, we deliver rapid assessment and feasibility reports on product maturity and readiness for mass production.

Design for Excellence (DFX)

To optimize design as early as possible, we offer design for manufacturing, design for assembly, design for test, design for cost, finite element analysis, tolerance stack-up analysis and other tools.

Advance Manufacturing Engineering

In order to meet our customers’ product launch goals, we offer process engineering, value engineering, safe launch, process optimization, industrial engineering and simulation and other disciplines.

Reliability Engineering, Reliability Testing and Failure Analysis

With our state-of-the-art Technology Centers at two major campuses and various sites, we can support Level 1 through Level 3 failure analysis of a product at any stage of the product lifecycle. Reliability engineering provides thermal and mechanical simulation, validates signal integrity, electromagnetic capability and more to predict mean time between failure and ensures that all early life failures are prevented and long-term field reliability is achieved.

Test Development

The LAEG team provides full turnkey solutions for customers with regards to in-circuit testing, board level test, system level test and all other test needs at early designs and NPI using manufacturing defect analyzers and flying probe testing. Optimal test coverage is achieved at best cost for capital and utilization using our own set of proprietary tools.

Automation and Control

By applying our automation solution in the assembly process, we’re able to improve efficiency and quality in areas where these processes are typically difficult to manage and can impact quality and deliveries. This solution relies on advanced technologies that incorporate vision systems, robotics, pneumatics, programmable logic controllers, motion controllers and automated guided vehicles to name a few.

Engineering Best Practices

Our working system captures lessons learned from each project and preserves the data through a knowledge base system at both the assembly process and product level. We provide a graphical user interface for those within the engineering community to access prior work and use various operation tools to reduce time-to-implement solutions.

LAEG also manages and coordinates the Engineering Leadership Council (ELC), which is the governing body of LG technical and engineering community. ELC ensures technology alignment through extensive road mapping, drives innovation and technology leadership, and manages IP strategy and partnerships that lead to integrated competency and engineering excellence.

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